How to Use Graphic Equalizer

How to Use Graphic Equalizer – A graphic equalizer, more commonly known as an EQ is used to change the frequency response, or in other words the pitch of a voice, song or instrument. It can be used to increase bass, decrease bass, increase treble, etc. Learning to use the graphic equalizer isn’t too difficult, but it does take a little practice to get used to.


Set all band EQ to 0, or in the middle. This will let the audio come out of the speakers without any effect.

Listen to your audio through the speakers to determine if it needs anything extra.

Keep in mind that on the left side of the unit, which usually starts with a number around 20, is the lows or bass section; the right hand side, usually ending at around 16k, is the high or treble section. In the middle it is between 400 and 1.6k.

Set the equalizer however you want once you get the hang of it.

Turn the volume to the level you want if you have set the equalizer to your liking.


  • Do not be too excessive in adjusting the EQ. Equalizers can balance out the imperfections of your audio equipment, but remember that professional technicians, with input from the artist, pre-balance the equalizer before the recording is produced. However, different speakers produce different sounds, and even the same speaker has various frequency responses depending on the placement of those speakers. Thus, one of the main functions of the equalizer is to respond to and adjust the speaker’s frequency response.
    Usually you just need to increase or decrease the bass a little, but treble can make your audio “unclear” anyway. Once you’ve got the bass setting you want, and depending on the speaker capacity, then adjust the treble (the adjustment on the far right side), then the area in the middle if you still feel the need to adjust.
    EQ is a simple effect, but it can get tricky.
    You can make your audio sound worse, so experiment with EQ.


  • Always adjust your audio volume, so it’s not too loud!!


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