How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime

Rating movies on Amazon Prime will help improve your recommendations going forward and be useful to others. It’s not very clear how to rate movies on Amazon Prime, so it’s understandable that you might feel a little confused about how to do it. However, there are several ways that will allow you to rate movies quickly and easily. You can rate movies using a customer review option, by way of upvoting recommendations, which will only increase your personal recommendation, or on the IMDb website.

Using the Customer Review Option

Log in to your Amazon Prime account. Log in and hover over the section that says “ Hello , (your name).” This will bring up a menu. Select the ” Your Prime Video ” menu. [1]

Choose the movie you want to rate. The website will switch to Prime Video. This will bring up the titles of movies and TV series. If you see the title of the film you want to rate, click on it. If not, type the movie title into the search box. [2]

Click on the show or TV series you want to review. Click on the words “ Write Your Review .” This will allow you to rate by star or write a movie review. Ratings that have been given by other people to the film will also be visible. [3]

Provide Assessment by Improving Recommendations

Log in to your Amazon Prime account. Write down your user information to enter into the website. Once logged in, navigate to the section that says “ Hello ” and your name on the Amazon menu. One of the options that will appear is “ Improve Your Recommendations .” [4]

Click the “ Improve Your Recommendations ” option. This option will bring up a page showing recommendations for various items. Take a look at the navigation menu and click on “ Videos You’ve Watched .” [5]

Rate videos that have been watched. You can give a rating based on stars on the videos you have watched. This rating will not be shared with other customers. This will only improve your future video recommendations. [6]

Using the IMDb Application

Sign in to IMDb with your Amazon account. Amazon Prime takes its judgment from IMDb’s ratings. When you log into the IMDb web page, an option will appear to sign in through your Amazon account. Click on this option and enter. [7]

Select the movie you want to rate. Some movies will be listed in different categories, but you can also search for specific movies. Type in the title of the movie you want to rate. Click on the title when the movie appears. [8]

Click the “ rate this ” option to choose a rating based on stars. A “ rate this ” option will appear above the asterisk. Click on the words “ rate this ” and put as many stars as you want on the title. You can rate between one and ten stars. [9]


  • Email or call Amazon customer service if you’re having trouble rating a movie.
    You can rate movies on the Amazon app or website.


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