How to Hack a Computer Terminal in Fallout 3

How to Hack a Computer Terminal in Fallout 3 – Hacking is an important skill in Fallout 3’s Capitol Wasteland because terminals can give you access to everything from stories to rare items. The terminal can control the turret gun , and is necessary for completing some quests . Although some terminals are unlocked and can be used by anyone, many terminals are locked and must be hacked. If you have enough Science skills to hack into the terminal, you can try opening it to find out the secrets inside.


Raise the Science level . The Science level determines which terminals can be hacked. You can add points to your Science status as you level up, and you can use Mentats to get temporary boosts. The scientist’s labcoat item from the ” Those ” quest will increase your Science level by +10 when worn. You can put up to 100 points into Science , and there are 5 different tiers of hacking difficulty. You can’t try to hack the terminal if the points don’t meet the requirements:

  • Very Easy – 0
    Easy (easy) – 25
    Average (payment-payment) – 50
    Hard (hard) – 75
    Very Hard – 100

Familiarize yourself with the hacking interface . The hacking screen will appear when the character interacts with the terminal to be hacked. The top of the screen will show you how many tries you have left. The lower part of the screen contains lots of random characters, and you’ll be able to create different words around these characters. These words can be passwords, and you have to guess the correct word before the number of tries runs out. Words can continue on to the next line, and all words are the same length.

Make the first guess. Try to choose a word that has many unique letters to make it easier for you to narrow down your search for the right word. If you’re lucky and pick the right word right away, feel free to continue. If it is still not correct, a number will appear.

  • High Science skills will reduce the number of words to choose.

Specify the exact number of characters. When the password is failed, the screen will display an inscription telling the number of characters and the correct position. As an example,4/9means the selected word has the correct 4 letters in the right position. Even if there are other correct letters in the word, they are invalid if they are not in the correct position.

Choose the next word. Compare the selected word with the remaining words on the screen, and try to narrow the search. For example, if you have 3/12, and the selected word is CONSTRUCTION , it means that the correct word has 3 letters in the same place. Most likely, this word ends withIONbecause is a common ending in English. Choose the next word that you think matches the result. [1]

Use the bracket trick before moving on to the third word. One of the keys to a successful hack is using the ” bracket ” trick. If the terminal has a bracket pair , deleting it will get rid of incorrect choices or restore trial space. This is why brackets are best kept until you do some guessing so as not to waste retries. Bracket pairs appear randomly, although the chance of spawning is higher if the character has a high Science skill level . [2]

  • Bracket is{}, [],<>, and(). Between bracket pairs can contain any numbers or characters.
    The easiest way to find bracket pairs is to slowly move the cursor over all the characters on the terminal screen. The bracket pair and all characters in between will be highlighted automatically.
    You can even save 1-2 bracket pairs in case you need them as a last resort.

Choose a third word. If brackets don’t help and you choose the wrong word the first two times, you should be able to guess the letter in the right place. Compare the results of the two words that have been selected and see if you can determine the correct letter in the correct position. Use the comparison as to choose the next word.

Try not to do the fourth try right away. If your fourth try is wrong, the terminal will be completely locked. The only way to open a locked terminal is to find an item that has a password, which not all computers have. There are several steps you can try before reaching the fourth try:

  • Use the remaining bracket trick. If you kept the bracket , use it now to increase the tryout, or remove options so you know which word to choose.
    Exit the terminal and try again. When you leave the terminal by clicking the power button, the process can be reset. The word is shuffled and you start over from scratch, but you get all the tries back and are unlocked.
    Try to guess the fourth word randomly. This step is rarely recommended because you can get locked out easily. Better you log out and try to log back in.


  • Quick save before you try to hack in case it gets locked.
    When guessing the password, think of words on the screen that are relevant to the hack, such as ” breaching “, ” entering ” or ” clearing “. Usually, you can ignore irrelevant words like ” history ” and ” mountains “.
    When three attempts have failed, exit to reset the trial allowance.


  • You will lose karma for hacking into terminals marked in red.


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