How to Enter Mugen Characters

How to Enter Mugen Characters – MUGEN is a fighting game engine that uses compiled bytecode for sounds and graphics ( sprites of characters and other assets) for computers. MUGEN provides a variety of support that makes it easy for users to enter characters, stages , custom character select screens , and menu screens . There are many other people’s characters available on the internet, from remakes of popular characters to original fan-made characters. Inserting downloaded characters into the MUGEN game requires editing the configuration file .

Entering Characters

Download the character file you want to include. There are hundreds of characters that you can enter into MUGEN games. Downloaded character packs are in ZIP or RAR format . You can download characters on a variety of different fan websites, including the following:

    MugenFreeForAll. com

Open the downloaded file. If the downloaded file is in ZIP format, you only need to double-click on it to view its contents. If the file you downloaded is in RAR format, you’ll need a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip to open the file.

Extract file. Extract the ZIP file so you can access the directory ( folder ) it’s in. You can use the Extract button that appears when opening the file or right-click on the file and then select the “ Extract files ” option.

Check file. The most important file to look for when checking for new character files is the character DEF file. The file ”’must”’ have the same name as the directory it contains. For example, if the name of the directory containing the DEF file is “LINK_3D”, the DEF file should be named “LINK_3D.def”.

  • If the new character directory has several DEF files in it, ensure that the base file has the same name as the directory name. For example, the “LINK_3D” directory may have several DEF files for different versions. As long as the “LINK_3D.def” file has the same name as the directory name, you should be able to run the game fine.

Open the MUGEN installation directory. MUGEN can be installed anywhere. Go to the directory where you extracted the MUGEN file after you downloaded it. If you forgot where you placed the file, you can use the search service on your computer and type “mugen” into the search field to find it.

Make a new copy of the character directory within the .char. You can find directoriescharinside the directorymugen. Drag the directory you just extracted into it.

Open directory .datawhich is in the directorymugen. This directory contains the files that control the MUGEN emulator .

Open the “select.def” file in Notepad. Right-click the file and select the “ Open with ” option. Select Notepad in the list of programs that appears.

Find section .[Characters]. This section contains a list of all the character files that have been loaded into the game.

Type in a directory name for the new character. The typed name must have the same name as the directory name entered in the directorychars. Directorycharsmust also have the same name as the character DEF file name. For example, if a new character directory is namedLINK_3D, tick LINK_3Din section[Characters].

  • If there are multiple versions of the character, insert the DEF file start at the end of the directory name. For example, if the character “LINK_3D” has multiple versions, instead of typing LINK_3D, type LINK_3D/LINK_3D.def. This will instruct MUGEN to load the root DEF file which will then process the remaining versions.
    The “select.def” file may contain a lot of Comments (text that helps the user understand the program being used). The line that is used as a Comment place is marked with ;the one at the beginning of the line. Make sure you type the character name on the line that doesn’t start with ;.

Set the character’s Order in Arcade Mode (optional). You can set the Order , or character order, which works to determine where the character will appear in Arcade Mode . For example, basically Arcade Mode pits your character against six enemies from Order 1, one enemy from Order 2, and one enemy from Order 3. You can set your character’s Order from number 1 to 10. The game will draw all characters from Order which is the same as random when setting up matches. [1]

  • Insert to the end of the line the entry ( entry ) characters in the “select.def” file. For example, to set “LINK_3D as “ Order ” 3, type ., order=#LINK_3D, order=3

Setting Stages

Download the stages file . The stages (arenas where characters fight) can be downloaded from where you downloaded the character files. Like character files, downloaded stage files are in ZIP or RAR format.

Open the downloaded file to view the stage file . Double-click the ZIP file or open the RAR file to view its contents. The stage file consists of DEF and SFF files. In addition, the stage file also contains an MP3 file if the stage has a soundtrack .

Move the DEF and SFF files into the .stages. You can find these directories within directoriesmugen.

  • Move the MP3 files into the directorysoundif the stage file is equipped with the file.

Reopen the “select.def” file after closing it. You can enter a stage into the Stage Select screen and also set it as a fixed battleground for characters in Arcade Mode .

  • The “select.def” file is in the directorydata.

Find section .[ExtraStages]. The section contains all the downloaded stages that have been included.

Enter the path of the new stage location . Path is the location where the file or object is on the computer. Create a new line below the existing stage list and then type .. stages/stageName.def

Set the stage for the character for Arcade Mode . If you want certain characters to always appear on a specific stage when fighting them in Arcade Mode , you can add these characters to the character entry section.[Characters].

  • Add a comma at the end of the character entry and also the path of the stage name . For example, to set “LINK_3D” to always appear on the “Castle.def” stage , you would type LINK_3D, stages/Castle.def.
    Add an Order character at the end of the entry. As an example,LINK_3D, stages/Castle.def, order=3

Save the file “select.def.” After entering the character and setting the stage , you can save the file. New characters will appear when you open MUGEN.


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