How to Complete Brutal Black Plague Mode in Plague, Inc.

How to Complete Brutal Black Plague Mode in Plague, Inc. – Plague, Inc. can be a very challenging game, especially when you play it in Black Plague mode . Your toughest enemy is the Cure so you spend most of the game fighting them while developing ailments. To learn how to complete this challenging game mode, see Step 1 below.


Choose the right genetic modification. Before playing the game, you will get the ability to apply modifications to the initial disease. This modification will help the disease survive and allow you to fight the Cures more easily. If you have done these steps, you should have access to almost all of the available options so you can choose the best option to complete Black Plague Brutal mode.

  • DNA Gene – Catalytic Switch . This gene provides bonus DNA by popping the blue Cure bubbles which will be needed to fight the Cures later.
    Travel Gene – Aquacyte or Suppression . Aquacyte is highly recommended because this option makes it easier for you to infect island countries like Greenland and Madagascar ( Madagascar ). Suppression is useful for spreading disease to areas whose land borders are closed.
    Evolution Gene – Ionised Helix (optional). This gene will give you DNA when it devolves , but you should not devolve in this mode. Don’t take a gene that makes it easier to cure disease.
    Mutation Gene – Genetic Mimic . This gene makes the disease difficult to cure so it is very important for completing this mode.
    Environment Gene – Extremophila . This gene gives the disease additional strength in all types of environments.

Choose India as the first place to infect the disease. There has been much debate about which country should be used to spread the disease, but India seems to be one of the starting locations that has the best chance of clearing the game, since it has a large population, warm weather, and proximity to China.

  • Other good locations that can be used as first places to spread the disease are Egypt ( Egypt ), Saudi Arabia ( Saudi Arabia ), China (”China”), and Central Africa ( Central Africa ).

Develop ( evolve ) Transmission mode before developing Symptom . You want the virus to spread quickly and not be fatal before it becomes more virulent and deadly. To do this stage, start to collect DNA. When you have enough DNA to start modifying the disease, focus the modification on the upgrades listed below in the following order:

  • Rodent 1
    Livestock 1
    Bird 1
    Rodent 2
    Livestock 2
    Bird 2
    Extreme Zoonosis – This option is only available if you expand each Transmission type to 2. This gene allows the disease to spread between species quickly.

Build a defense. After getting the required Transmission , now is the time to increase disease resistance . Focus modifications to develop the defenses listed below in the following order:

  • Cold 1
    Drug Resistance 1
    Cold 2
    Drug Resistance 2

Develop some Symptom . When the disease has spread and can defend itself, it is time for you to make its presence known to people. Symptoms help spread the disease, and with their help the spread of infection will increase greatly. Once the Symptom starts appearing, Cure creation will increase, so now you’re in a race against time. Focus modification on the following Symptom :

  • Pneumonic Plague
    Skin Lesions – There is a good chance that this Symptom will mutate on its own.
    Pulmonary Oedema

Wait until Cure progress reaches 25%. Once the Symptom develops and the disease has spread, there is nothing you can do but wait for the Cure to develop. Make sure to keep popping the DNA bubbles so you’re ready to modify the disease as needed.

  • When Cure development reaches 25%, develop Genetic Reshuffle 1 and Drug Resistance 3 .

Wait until the Cure development reaches 75%. When you have reached this level, you only need to focus on fighting the Cure. Every time you use Genetic Reshuffle , the development of Cure will be hindered. When Cure development reaches 75% for the first time, evolve Hardened Reshuffle 1.

  • When Cure’s development reaches 75% again, evolve Hardened Reshuffle 2.
    When Cure’s development reaches 75% again, evolve Genetic Reshuffle 2.
    When the Cure development reaches 75% again, evolve Genetic Reshuffle 3.
    Make sure you keep popping the DNA and Cure bubbles.

Develop a lethal Symptom . By this stage the disease should have infected almost everyone on Earth, so you can start killing them. Spend the DNA on the remaining Symptom in the desired order. At this stage the Cure should have failed, because everyone else is dying, so you don’t have to fight them anymore.

keep trying. Playing Plague Inc. requires a lot of random random luck, and the whole strategy doesn’t always work out every time you play the game. However, this strategy has succeeded in helping many players to finish the game successively on the first try until the next few attempts. Just keep trying to beat the game and eventually you too can rule the world with Black Plague . [1]


  • This method may prevent you from getting a win with three stars. You must complete the game within 365 days and ensure the progress of the Cure does not reach 60% to get a three star rating. Therefore, completing the game is extremely difficult, but there is still a chance to complete it.


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