How to Breed ”Pure Dragon” in Dragon City

How to Breed ”Pure Dragon” in Dragon City – In the old version of Dragon City, the Pure Dragon was the rarest among the rare dragons, which could only be obtained by breeding two Legendary Dragons and expecting a corresponding result. In the 2013 Law and War update , this system was reversed. Pure Dragons can now be bought in the shop once you reach a certain level, and can be bred together to get one of the 6 Legendary Dragons at a low chance. Pure Dragons can also be used to breed hybrid dragons such as Pure Electric, Pure Dark, and others.

Obtaining the First Pure Dragon

Don’t try to get it through breeding. Since the July 2013 Light and War update , it is not possible to obtain 100% Pure Dragons through breeding. Pure Dragons are more common now, but must still be purchased from shops as described below.

  • If you want a challenge, try breeding Legendary Dragons . Since the update, Legendary Dragons are the rarest in the game. You have a moderate chance of getting one by breeding a pair of Pure Dragons , so think of it as a stepping stone to a rarer dragon.

Reach level 34. This is the level required for the Pure Dragon to appear as an option in the shop. [1]

  • If you have more gold , keep building a farm and sell it for XP . The Huge Food Farm will do the best, if you can afford it. [2] Be careful not to spend too much, as you will need a lot of gold to buy a Pure Dragon .

Get 15 million gold . Yes, this is the price of a Pure Dragon . If this number is not possible, try to build and improve as many rice fields as possible. This will pay off in the long term. [3]

Buy a Pure Dragon . Visit the dragon shop on the menu and buy your first Pure Dragon . Many players call it the Pure Unicorn because of its original horned appearance, but its name is written as a Pure Dragon .

Breed Pure Dragons to Get New Dragon Types

Breed with other single-element dragons to produce hybrid dragons. In almost every case, breeding a Pure Dragon with a “generation 1” dragon will only produce one result, a hybrid dragon that has both elements. For example, breeding a Pure Dragon and a Dark Dragon will always produce a Pure Dark Dragon .

  • Two of all types of hybrid dragons have special names. Breeding Pure and War dragons will produce Kratus Dragons and breeding Pure and Archangel (Light) dragons will produce Zen Dragons. [4]

Breed special dragons. There are three special dragons in the game that can be bred by Pure dragons :

  • Breed a Pure Dragon level 15 and above with a Terra Dragon level 15 and above to get an Ivory Dragon . [5]
    Breed any dragon with the Pure element with any dragon with the ‘Light’ element in Sanctuary level 7 and above for a chance to get a Core Dragon . You can also get it through some uncommon combinations involving Sea elements . [6]
    Breed any Pure dragon with any Flame dragon in Sanctuary level 8 and above for a chance to get a Basilisk Dragon . [7]

Breed two Pure Dragons for a chance to get a legendary dragon. Every time you breed a pair of Pure Dragons , there is a 6% chance of producing a legendary dragon. If you want to maximize your chances of getting a legendary dragon, breeding two Pure Dragons is the best choice, as each breeding will take 12 hours. [8] Other dragon combinations will take longer on average, and still only have a 6% chance.

  • The downside to this strategy is that you have a 94% chance of ending up with a Pure Dragon . If you prefer to get new and exciting dragons, keep breeding combinations of dragons that share Pure elements , for example Kratus Dragon + Pure Dark Dragon . You have to wait longer on average each time you breed it, but when you fail to get a legendary dragon, you can still get another cool dragon.
    If you only have one Pure dragon , then it is better to continue breeding Pure Flame dragons with Pure Terra dragons , until you get a legendary dragon or Pure Dragon to breed. [9]


  • Some hard-to-find dragons can act as wild cards , so you have a small chance of getting a Pure Dragon by breeding a pair of Mirror dragons , or a Legendary + Crystal dragon . [10] These dragons are very hard to find, so it’s best if you save some money to buy one.
    There are 6 legendary dragons, plus several dragons that can only be obtained through breeding legendary dragons.


  • There are many out of date guides that say you have to breed a pair of legendary dragons to produce a Pure Dragon . This is no longer possible since the 2013 Law and War update.


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